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Specialty Ladder: Telescoping Ladder 12.5 foot ladder

Plastic Sleeves make ladder easy to deploy! Won't tangle when used!

Click to enlargePlastic Sleeves make ladder easy to deploy!

Won't tangle when used!Quick-Escape QFL-20 SL is a portable fire escape ladder made of steel chain and ideal for all 2 and many 3 story building. Plastic sleeves for bettre grip by children or older adults. Length 20 foot. Includes 20 pairs of standoffs-keeps the ladder away from the wall and provides a better toe-hold on the rung. Ladder hooks fit walls up to 10 inches thick. Corrugated box doubles as storage case. Cahin tension tested to 1,000 lbs. Heavy duty steel, slip resistant rungs.Limited 10 year warranty. Plastic sleeves ideal for children and older adults-makes the ladder tangle-free and easier to grasp! UL approved because it has operating instructions attached and stand-offs on every rung.

Price includes $20.00 Shipping and Handling. Additional charge for shipping to HI, AK and Canada.

Availability: Usually ships in 5-7 business days

Escape Ladder: 20 Foot Fire Escape Ladder with Plastic Sleeves
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