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Specialty Ladder: Telescoping Ladder 12.5 foot ladder

Fire Escape Ladder- Red Rung 25 Permanent Fire Escape Ladder

Fire Escape Ladder- Red Rung 25 Permanent Fire Escape LadderPermanent interior fire escape ladder is ideal for 3 Story homes and apartments that have wide windowsills. The steel chain ladder bolts to your floor and is stowed in a metal case directly below the window. It is always available to use. Installation is simple and only requires a few common tools. 25 foot steel chain ladder has 5 permanent stand offs. Permently Bolts to hardwood Floor- so it's always ready to use!Price includes Shipping ($164.95 plus $20.00 shipping.) Additional charge for shipping to HI, AK and Canada.

Availability: Usually ships in 5-7 business days

Fire Escape Ladder: Red Rung 25 Foot Permanent Fire Escape Ladder
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